Date: 11/11/2019     Cork RPG Con would like to give a great big thank you to all of the following ; the Cork RPG Con Directors ( who’s vision, sweat , blood and tears went into this great weekend) the DMs (the life blood of it all and who take the stories and insert their magic into them and bring it to life) the customer service team ( who handle the pre- reg desk and walk ups and never failed to smile or handle every customers / or DMs needs) to James & Joe of Counihan’s bar ( where we ply and hone our D& D skills each Tuesday and Wednesday night) to our Cork RPG Con volunteers ( who carried out the many tasks needed to make this event a success) to the vendors / sponsors ( who without them the bills would not get paid) the Imperial Hotel staff ( who were almost as friendly and attentive as our own) . Lastly the attendees and players , which is everything this convention was about and for. We did it. We ran a Rpg con for RPGers, by RPGers !

Thank you all. Till next year. May all your rolls in life be crits !