Expedition to Mallin-Barrow


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Title: Expedition to Mallin-Barrow

The seas of Voltis are vast, and after hundreds of years of travel by explorers, merchants and pirates it still holds many secrets. In Lamilla, the Merchant City, the infamous Captain Alfinni raises the call to all able-bodied men and women to join him on a quest to the Island of Mallin-Barrow, believed to be the seat of an ancient civilization, now lost to time. An ancient Island tomb, hundreds of leagues away from civilization, in the middle of dangerous seas… what could go wrong?

Gaming Group / Company: Wizards of the Coast
Game System: Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition
Minimum Number of Players: 4        Maximum Number of Players: 6
Minimum Age: None                         DM: Conor C-P
Experience Required: none (simple rules and narrative driven session)
Materials provided: Yes, materials are provided for this game. You do not need to bring your own. paper& pen, dice if you have them .
Start Time: Saturday, 10 am            Duration: Approx. 4 hours
End Time: Saturdayy, 2 pm

Table Number: 9

This event is a one-shot


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