Murder of Lake Kollom


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*Title: Murder of lake Kollum/The beast of the silver/ Manners, the makers and the men

Description:  one shot homebrew campaigns, murder mystery/Beast hunt/ political intrigue and dungeon crawl respectively. All follow DnD players handbook and other official wizards or the coast manual rules, no home brew rules included

Gaming Group / Company: Homebrew

Dungeons and dragons 5e

Minimum Number of Players: 4

Maximum Number of Players: 6

Minimum Age: 12 and up

GM: Seán O’Brien

Experience Required: none

Materials provided: Bring own dice and pencils, character sheets will be provided but I will allow the creation of characters

Start Time: Friday 6:30 pm

Approx time :4 hours

End Time: Friday 10:30

Table Number: 23

Notes: This is a one shot event .


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