Murder at Palden Manor


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Title: Murder at Palden Manor


You are an attendant at a party for Sir Palden, a well known noble and ex-adventurer. During the course of the night, something goes horribly wrong and he is found murdered. The captain of the guard gathers you and several other prominent figures to investigate what happened, sealing off the exits so the perpetrator cannot leave. Can you figure out who the murderer is? Or do you have your own agenda?

The game is focused heavily on roleplaying, logic and keeping/discovering secrets. Every player will have a unique character with their own motivations and outside knowledge of what is happening. Unlike most games, the other players here are not necessarily your friends, but it may be hard to figure out the difference between friend and foe.

Gaming Group / Company: Homebrew
Game System: Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
Minimum Number of Players: 4
Maximum Number of Players: 6
Minimum Age: 18
DM: Eon C
Experience Required: Little (familiarity with the basic rules and concepts).
Materials provided: Please bring your own dice and pencils. Characters will be provided.
Start Time: Saturday, 2 pm
Duration: Approx. 4 hours
End Time: Saturday, 6 pm

Table Number: 35

This event is a one-shot


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