Raid on Seahaven Manor


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*Title: Raid on Seamhaven Manor

*Long Description: The great goblinoid war host of Brangham fights for the glory of Maglubiyet. It has won numerous battles, conquered towns and castles but now faces a major challenge! Tooth-Toot the host’s Nilbog (a goblin possessed by a prankster god), wants a certain magical item held by a nearby baron badly, and if a Nilbog is not appeased who knows what kind of disastrous tricks may happen to the host.

 You are assembled as an “elite” team of goblinoid for this important mission! Elite in the sense you were kicked out of your regular units, either for being useless, lazy, a clumsy disaster or a combination of them. Yet the war leader at least needs to make an effort to try to retrieve the item for Tooth-Toot and keep the prankster distracted for a while.

The magic item lies in the town of Seamhaven, in the Baron’s manor there. You need to get in there and retrieve it and get back out with it. If you do perhaps you will be given a reward or even an honoured place among the privileged of the war host. And if you die trying, well it is no great loss to the war host.

*Event Type: RPG – Role Playing Game

*Game System: Dungeons & Dragons *Rules Edition: 5th

*Gaming Group / Company: Home brew

*Level of play: 5th Level

*Min players:4

*Max players:6

GM(s): Tom Green

*Minimum Age: Teen (18+)

*Experience Required: Some (You’ve played it a bit and understand the basics)

*Start Date & Time: Friday 6:30pm

*Duration: 4 hours

*End Date & Time: Friday 10:30 pm

*Materials Provided: Yes, materials are provided for this game, including premade goblinoid characters. You do not need to bring your own. But, dice, paper& pen .


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