Unconventional Warfare


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Title: Unconventional Warfare

Event Number: 20
Table Number: 21

Everyone in 2078 Seattle enjoys this time of year because the worlds oldest and largest VRRPG convention GameCon is just around the corner! In recent years they have struggled to remain profitable, recently publicly accusing hot new rival gaming convention DarestShadowCon of living up to their name and playing dirty. In attempts to finally put them out of business on the verge of their 60th anniversary. Purely coincidently just as you’ve jacked in to check out the lastest ticket prices your fixer contacts you wondering if you are free that weekend as he has receieved a very…..unusual request.

Gaming Company: Shadowrun 5e

Level of Play: Street Level
Minimum Number of Players: 4
Minimum Number of Players: 6
Minimum Age: 18+
Experience Required: some RPG experience would be a plus, not needed though
Materials Provided: Pregen characters are provided for this game. Your own dice (d6s), pencil and paper are welcome.
Start Date: Sat 7pm
End Date: Sat 11pm
Duration: 4 hours

Notes: this is a one shot


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