The Caverns of the Unsettled Vale


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Title : The Caverns of the Unsettled Vale
* Description Of Event: It seemed like a really simple job, go in clear out the caves, come back and relax at the Inn…. but something isnt right. Sure you got directions but why do you feel like you are still lost? Most importantly though….. you could have sworn you heard that shadow just giggle….
* Homebrew:
*DM: Mark Mc
* Game system: D&D 5 E
*start date & time: Saturday morn 10:00 am
Approx hours :4
* end date & time: Saturday afternoon 2:00pm
*Min players :4
*Max players:6
*Age requirement: 13 and up
*Experience of players: Beginner to Intermediate
*Materials needed: Dice and Pencils
Notes: Characters of Level 5 will be provided


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