The Ruby of Nelas


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Title: The Ruby of Nelas

Tomorrow night a Gala shall be thrown to announce the engagement of the Duke Landgrave Hildebrand of Aldermane to his beloved Lady Whitmore. The Duke has been a harsh and cruel ruler of the city, even going as far to raise taxes in order to pay for grand events much like this one. This is a fine chance to take something back from him, clear your debts and live the good life. Never has there been a better time to steal the Ruby of Nelas, a treasure that you will be paid a substantial amount to acquire (200 gold up front) 10,000 gold when the job is done. The ruby is almost never seen in public and is always worn by the lovely young Duchess Rosalind of Aranthea, a cousin of the Duke.

Event Type: RPG – Role Playing Game
Game System: Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
Level of play: 3rd
Minimum Number of Players: 4
Maximum Number of Players: 6
Minimum Age: Teen (18+)
DM: D. M.
Experience Required: New players are more then welcome, but having an understanding of things is a plus.
Materials Provided: Yes, materials are provided for this game (pre-generated characters are provided). You do not need to bring your own.
Start Time: Saturday, 2pm
Duration: Approx. 4 hours
End Time: Saturday, 6pm

Table Number: 20
Event Number: 22

This is a one shot.


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