The veil of the Unknown


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Title : The Veil of the Unknown
* Description Of Event: “The town of Havenspire was a quiet place, well maybe a little too quiet. It started with livestock vanishing, but soon it was people. Everyone in town is a suspect and isnt it certainly lucky your adventuring band showed up….”
Event no: 21
* Homebrew
*DM: Mark Mc
*D&D 5 E
*start date & date : Friday 8th of November 6:30 pm
Approx hours :4
* end date & time: Friday 8th of November 10:30 pm
*Min players :4
*Max players:6
*Age requirement: 13 and up
*Experience of players: Beginner to Intermediate
*Materials needed: Dice and pencils
Notes: Characters of level 7 will be provided
Table no: 22


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