Unconventional Warfare


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Long Description:
Welcome to the year 2078, an Earth where machines and magic exist side-by-side. Where cybernetics can replace organs or entire limbs with ease, and arcane spells can make the impossible happen. Where the Matrix has become an artificial world of its own, filled with all kinds of pleasure, treasure, and trouble. Where dwarves, elves, orks, trolls and more walk and work alongside humans every day. While some have chosen the relative safety of working as wageslaves for megacorporations whose invisible tentacles wrap around every aspect of modern life, others choose the freedom of living on the edge of society and these “Shadowrunners” engage in much less legal careers, doing whatever dirty work needs to get done… for a price.

However everyone mundane or magical, crook or accountant enjoys this time of year in Seattle – because the worlds most famous VRRPG convention GameCon is just around the corner! In recent years they’ve struggled to remain profitable recently publicly accusing hot new rival gaming convention DarkestShadowCon of living up to their name and playing dirty in attempts to finally put them out of business them on their 60th anniversary. Just as you jack in to the Matrix to check out the latest ticket prices your fixer contacts you wondering if you’re free that weekend as he has received a very… unusual request

Event Type:
RPG – Role Playing Game

Game System:

Rules Edition:

Level of play:
Street Level

Minimum Number of Players:

Maximum Number of Players:

Minimum Age:
Teen (18+)

*Experience Required:
Some RPG experience would be a big plus. Rules are quite unlike D&D/Pathfinder systems and while the basics are simple enough, they can get quite detailed.

Dm: John T.

*Materials Provided:
Yes, materials and pregen characters are provided for this game. You own dice (d6’s), pencil, and paper are welcome.

*Start Date :Saturday
Start time: 2pm Saturday
End time : 6 pm Saturday
Duration: 4 hours


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